Logo for CPCN in which the second letter C is the head of a stylized figure reading a newspaper

Public Newspapers

CPCN pioneered the concept of public newspapers in 1996 - community news created collaboratively by citizens, promoting the individual potential necessary for self-governance and civic life.

At its Sept. 23, 2020 meeting, the Corporation for Public Community Newspapers (CPCN) Board of Directors approved three special projects to run through at least Sept. 23, 2021:

Neighborhood Network News

As part of its 2020-2021 Neighborhood Network News initiative, CPCN supports citizen journalists tackling issues of interest in their Eugene, Oregon neighborhoods.

As part of this outreach, we will work with all Eugene neighborhood organizations and partner with local Eugene print, TV, radio, and social media outlets. We have established one such partnership with KEPW News.

Email: EugeneNeighborhoodNetworkNews@gmail.com

News of the Future

The 1787 Constitution of the United States, established as the supreme law of the land at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, was a great innovation in its day. It represented a new order of the ages, Novus Ordo Seclorum.

But since the Civil War amendments and the legal end of color caste slavery, we no longer need a Senate, House, Electoral College, or any of the "Great Compromise" legal machinery which has continued creaking along, subconsciously infecting all our institutions over the last three centuries.

Our social compact, as represented by our foundational documents, is due for an upgrade.

Such a time provides an opportunity to adopt as basic human rights the rights to health, privacy, and a clean environment. We can also clarify the rights of corporations as distinct from human beings.

But the most important reason for a refresh is to create new frameworks that can be scaled up to the planet, enabling us to work together as a species on the big problems that threaten our survival.

What might such a new constitution and a new governance structure look like? What news would we the people need to effectively function as citizens in the Novus Ordo Seclorum, v202x ?

Email: NewsOfTheFuture2020@gmail.com

Journo Duty

We summon you...to Journo Duty! At CPCN we view journalism as both product and process.

Beyond the product of published news stories, the process of journalism creates better, more informed citizens and improves our capacity for self-governance.

The quick-paced and highly-structured "Journo Duty" program summons citizens to perform their civic duty as citizen journalists for a day. Journos are asked to identify the most important story in their community not being told; experienced journalists help the journo produce that story, and at the end the team discusses the entire process.

Email: JournoDuty@gmail.com